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DD+Co Best Hair Salon Inner-west....well we think so any way

Fah out we are bad at keeping this blog up to date!!

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Why do we think we are the best hair salon in the inner west? Well.... here's a list

1. Location: located in the unofficial entry point to the inner west, St Peters. Then nestled in the coolest and most vibrant establishment, Precinct 75. Full of home ware designers, brewery, markets, fashion designers etc.

2. Salon Fitout: Huge industrial salon space that is inviting, comfortable and has enough selfie walls to get your fix! 

3. The hair we do!! because we love hair like nothing else matters, we get the results our clients didn't even know were possible. Look at what we do? This is what makes us not only the best hair salon in the inner west but the best hair salon in Sydney!! 

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