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2 years in St Peters

Far out time flies!!! Firstly it's been 2 years since we moved from San Souci to our now Innerwest salon. Secondly, its been almost 18 months since the last blog ..... our bad. We have been super busy attending to all our lovely customers. x

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Let's wrap the year up with highlights no order

  • Boss Lady Jess and Lupo are pregnant!!!!!!!!!

  • Bernie got hitched xx

  • We have a salon dog Nacho who is the cutest little doggo ever!

  • Kez joined the team and is the new man of the house.

  • We took the gals to Melbourne for the Christmas Party. Tiarne got a tattoo

  • Partnered with Rogue Beauty and Pulp riot to help launch in Brisbane & Sydney Hair Expo


  • Sent some of the gals to The Iconic Swimwear launch in the Harbour

  • Launched gift cards

  • Said so long to the scissors neon and got our mission statement painted on the wall

  • We did alot of pink hair, blue hair, gray hair, teal, blue hair ..... basically an entire rainbow.

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There was probably a whole lot more, the year went so fast!! We are looking to really set 2018 on fire at St Peters. We have a few projects in the pipeline and maybe even DD&Co 2.0 ???? 

Hoping to also do a weekly blog with a monthly email newsletter - the newsletter has been almost 1 per quarter, its where we post all the good stuff about promos and new products.

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