Bleach London. Now here at DD&Co Sydney!!

With more than 173,000 followers on Instagram, this one shop salon (new 2nd location in Top Shop London) has impacted the way the world looks at coloured hair forever. First appearing 2 years ago in the back of a nail salon with 2 chairs, and what they called the "Dalston dive-bar hair party"

Leading the way in their exclusive hair colouring range, including colours such as, washed out mermaid, blullini, rose, the big pink, washed out orange, awkward peach, and violet skies. These colours will set you apart from the crowd. To achieve the results that you get from Bleach London whilst using other colours, one would need to mix a variety of colours and begin a game of hair roulette. Maybe it will be orange when you were trying to get peach. Not with Bleach London!!! What you see is what you get as the colour is pre-mixed, so it has eliminated the risk in achieving those radical colours.

Bleach London's range is at the top of the industry's standards, but being a smaller business they have limited global reach with their distributing companies. One cannot get it shipped to Australia. (sad face) BUT!! through our black market, pink haired smugglers we have a full stocked range, here in salon. Most likely one of a small few with Bleach London in Australia. 

Book today to get our new Bleach London hair colour!!!!

DD&Co Salon model - Olaplex    & Bleach London

DD&Co Salon model - Olaplex  & Bleach London