Keratin treatment in Sans Souci!!

This is an exciting time here in the salon at the moment. Over the last few weeks we have put on our first apprentice, a part-time senior and adding the newest service to the salon, Keratin Hair Smoothing Treatments.

What is Keratin? It is a protein that gives the outer structure to human hair and nails.

How does it work? The treatment "..utilises a revolutionary new process that works to smooth and straighten hair while improving it from the inside out by delivering a proprietary blend of botanical extracts, and vitamins and proteins, including keratins and sericin, a silk protein, a key ingredient in ... proprietary blend of ingredients, sericin, which is produced by silk worms, is able to protect the bonds of the hair and lock hair into a new smoother, straighter shape.....Keratin Smoothing Treatment also allows for more flexibility for both stylists and clients: hair can be washed or colored immediately after treatment, and – unlike other formaldehyde-based smoothing systems...Keratin Smoothing Treatment allows hair to hold a curl from a curling iron. So not only do clients get smoother, straighter and healthier hair, they get to leave the salon with whatever fabulous style they want."*

What are the results? ..."Keratin Smoothing Treatment provides comparable or better results to traditional formaldehyde smoothing treatments when it comes to removing frizz and smoothing hair – but without the harmful chemicals. Our revolutionary, formaldehyde free process penetrates into hair to infuse a unique blend of keratin, botanical extracts and vitamins that delivers not only smoother hair, but a restoration of natural luster for overall healthier and more manageable hair. Unlike other treatments that break bonds in the hair.....Keratin Smoothing Treatment washes out, so there is no permanent change to the hair and there is no line of demarcation between treatments. And, because we work from the inside out to strengthen and fortify hair, results with....Keratin Smoothing Treatment mean hair is not only smoother, but also healthier and more manageable."*

How much does it cost? We offer this service for $299, which includes a free shampoo and conditioner made especially for the Keratin Smoothing Treatment. Receive a $50 discount when you combined this service with any other of our colour packages.

DD&Co // Jessica Di Donato

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