Watermelon Hair Trend went Viral


Early 2016 (Australian summer) we decided that our awesome customer needed Watermelon hair at DD+Co St Peters. It was the natural progression from her ready coloured hair.

Since then the original Instagram picture has gone viral!!! 

DD&Co instagram:

We hair seen soo many publications credit DD&Co as one the original salons to achieve this look! Including Vogue, Cosmo and Britney F-ing Spears!!

DD&Co decided to share how you can achieve Watermelon hair at home.

How we achieve this look and how others can try at home??

Products: Bleach London & or Crazy Color  - 

Colours needed: Green, pink/lavender.

Equipment: Gloves, wide tooth comb, 2x bowls, 2x colour brush.

Time:45-60 mins


Tip: The lighter the hair the better results. Regrowth is great for this style as well. Wash your hair before applying the color, for better results.


Step 1 - Start with the darker color first in a separate bowl. Apply the Green color to your hair using the brush and bowl. You can even massage the color in with your hands while wearing gloves. Apply to your roots to midway down your hair Leaving the ends free from color.

Step 2 - Using the 2nd bowl with the lighter color. You can use pink/lavender and apply it to the ends of your hair till it meets the green. It's ok if the colours mix a little.

Step 3 - Using the comb, start to gently comb the colour through your hair. Starting from the roots all the way through the ends.

Step 4 - Now make a coffee or eat some pizza, processing is 30-45mins (check products bottle's instructions)

Step 5 - Rinse the color out in the shower or a sink using cold to warm water (hot water will strip the color out) and a little conditioner.

Step 6 - blow-dry your hair and then hit the streets looking fresh and delicious.




Using the same colors, mix them separately in with your regular conditioner ( one color per bottle of conditioner) to make a diluted color treatment.

IF this was too hard and complicated for you, feel free to visit us to achieve the results you see before you.